Actualizado: 26 de mar de 2020

APSC ltd have established a 24/7 contact number 07916540818 especially created to help our youth, mothers and fathers who are experiencing deep emotional depression, which has in some instances resulted in many of those in the community taking their lives. This is unfortunately something that still happening within our community. We have also lost many of our children as victims of crime or through crime, they have been identified as Portuguese victims or as Portuguese Gangs in the British media or in the Local Authorities. Sadly, every time this happens, it becomes harder for a Afro-Portuguese people who want to make a change to get the financial or human resource support to help tackle the issues within our community.

At times the information is incorrect and to wrongly identify our community has resulted in difficult implications. The African Portuguese Community just like the Portuguese and the Brazilians have issues of their own. For example, the APSC Team have a mission to stop a Portuguese Translator called to help a Cape-Verdean or Guinean who speaks broken Portuguese "Krioul" dealing with their social issues, because what the British Society, Local Authorities and many within the Afro-Portuguese Communities seem not to know that many Cape-Verdeans and Guinean's who may have Portuguese Passports do not understand or speak Portuguese. And yes, they are known as Portuguese speakers but they speak broken Portuguese: for example "Pa Modi?” in Krioul is “Porquê?” in Portuguese means “Why?” in English. "Bo ta papea krioulo?" in Broken Portuguese is "Falas crioulo?" in Portuguese and "Do you speak krioul?" in English. “Misti busca um casa" in Broken Portuguese is "preciso encontrar uma casa para arrendar In Portuguese and "I am looking for a place to live" in English.

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