HOUSE OF COMMONS SPEECH – Black History Month In Parliament 31/10/2019.

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Osvaldo Gomes the APSC Founder have been invited to tell about his successful story. How he got to where he is today. The challenges, the pathway and the decisions he as APSC CEO had to make in order to inspire, to motivate and to encourage the black communities in the UK.

Osvaldo Gomes shared his passion and aspirations to help to make a change, to reach out to the young men and women of colour starting with his community, the afro- Portuguese people.

Spoke about his journey, mentioned about his earlier life experiences at the Foster Care Home where he spent most of his childhood, the decisions he had to make that he thought was right at the time, because in his mind it was all about surviving and that he had to be strong to protect himself from everybody.

He also stated in his speech that the world had shown him that money was the key to success and nothing else matters. So, he decided that whatever happens nothing will be stopping him to be successful young man. He spoke about how easy his life circumstances were driving his mind to be selfish, to think about him and not others. He soon as a child realised that many black young teenagers were having the same type of attitude among each other and this was young black teenagers that did not live in Foste Care Homes but with their mums and dads and that they were having the same mindset has him, they easily had aggressive behaviours towards each other, that like him many other young black men lack in communication skills when confronted.

Was when he became a husband and a father that he started to questioning himself on matters concerning his behaviour towards his ability to participate, integrate and communicate with his daughters and wife. The many years of hard life did not prepare him to build relationship, he did not hold the skills needed to be successful in the family field.

After 12 years married both, him and his wife decided to get divorced. Was then that he finally came to an understanding that he unquestionably didn’t had relationships skills, so decided to focus in what he believe at the time he needed to be successful in life. He invested years on his professional career, went to university, and once he finished his degree, he started his own business. After many business collapses, and after trying hard to be successful, he soon realised that in order to progress professionally he needs to first learn how to be a leader. Committed himself for many years studying the great world leaders, read many books on the field, and soon realised that they all spoke about relationship skills, the skills he was lacking, the skills he soon in his life realise many black fathers and young men and women were lacking. Was when he made the biggest decision of his life, he had made his priority to help himself to gain the necessary tools that he could successfully build relationships that could lead him and many within his community to have success in life. Today his mission is to his team and the diverse communities in the UK understand that we should change the narrative from “yes I can” to “yes we can” only together we are better, that each person needs to inspire others for the positive, to believe that we can, we can as a race.

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