To all AFRO-PORTUGUESE Organisation that are in the field helping with FOOD BANK - Well done. In the mean time APSC is focus on many within our Afro-portuguese community that are isolated and experiencing LONELINESS, Stress, Depression, un-employment at this unprecedented chaotic time. We have notice through our intervention an increase on Domestic Violence and suicides within our community that cannot be ignored. We know of the importance of FOOD BANK work and respect the work that many great organisations have in place and every time we find or know about someone within our community that are experiencing difficulties with food, we have been sending these loads of organisations that are already in place to deal with this. I have to confess that I am proud of your organisation who is doing a great and wonderful job. APSC salute you. But someone have to also be focus on other community issues that are arising due to COVID-19.

OTHER ISSUE that we notice is that some cleaning companies are using the excuse of COVID-19 and not paying their non-English speaking staff but they are paying the ones that knows how to speak and write English. APSC has been managing to have the voice of these Afro-portuguese heard and manage to sort things out for some people within our community and manage to have these companies to pay the 80% wages that the UK Gov. is offering to companies to some of our community members, but we still have a lot of work to do we have some Portuguese, Brazilians and Spanish speakers supervisors that are using COVID-19 as also an excuse to say to their cleaners that they are not entitled to their wages due to COVID-19 and we found out that they are getting the 80% of the government help so companies can pay wages to their staff and putting this money in their "supervisors" own pocket without their company knowing. These supervisors think they can get away only because many Afro-portuguese can't speak or speak little English or speak but can't write or read English to claim their own money back, or to inform their company of what their supervisor are doing to them. While APSC has been speaking with many within our community that are going through these sad reality we found out that they are also experiencing Bulling from these supervisors. Thanks to APSC our community are no longer hopeless and not alone anymore, we need you to help us bring these issues out. PLEASE IF YOU ARE OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO ARE EXPERIENCE THESE KIND OF ABUSE DON'T IGNORE IT LET US KNOW ON COMMERCIAL@AFRICANPSC.COM SO WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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